Host a Fit Party or Fit Group~let's make America and the whole world fit again!

Consider hosting a Fit party or Fit group in your home, at your church or in your small group or neighborhood. This is a great way to encourage your neighbors and friends to start thinking fit and share and discuss fit ideas in a healthy environment! Fit parties will give you the opportunity to share some of your favorite helpful tips from my Fit Guide with your friends and then really open up the conversation to share with each other your own tips for eating naturally, exercising, how you may personally experience God, encouraging each other and how you enjoy life. Think of the tips you can share with each other and the healthy, fun fellowship everyone will enjoy!

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I recently hosted a Fit party for my birthday month and it was a wonderful experience! I passed out alkaline test strips I bought at the health food store when the gals arrived. These test our saliva to see see if our bodies were more acidic or alkaline-then we compared the colors on our test strips with the color coded chart on the box. Everyone was very interested in finding out their acidity levels. Sickness and disease live in acidic environments so we want to have a more alkaline balanced body-through eating more vegetables, leafy greens and fruits, nuts and seeds. I made a mango, pineapple, blueberry fruit smoothie with kale, Activz whole food vitamin powder, chia seeds and everyone enjoyed sampling. We all brought our favorite healthy snacks and I also prepared fresh guacamole and hummus with black bean chips, celery and carrots, quinoa with wild salmon pieces, olives, coconut oil popcorn and these healthy carob walnut date balls . I also set out healthy almond stuffed olives and sliced figi apples! I showed everyone my new website and reviewed about some of my personal favorite tips and healthy scriptures in my Fit Guide. Then I asked everyone how they enjoyed eating healthy, what are their favorite ways to exercise and relieve stress, how they like to spend time with the Lord, encourage others and how they like to enjoy life-covering all of the 5 fit elements in the Fit Guide-it was so much fun! We really enjoyed each other's company and learned more about one another in such a healthy, fit way. We inspired one another through faith and fitness!

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Contact me, or 772-202-3878 and I would love to help you host your own Fit party or Fit group! Your friends will be so blessed as you encourage and share with one another your thoughts and ideas!